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Kovalam Guide

Kovalam marvels as an attractive beach option in Kerala, an exquisite flamboyant beach that rises to great spirits on all occasions and festivals, especially the New Year in Kovalam which rocks and attracts both tourists from inside and outside the country. The panoramic beach comprises of three curve shaped beaches, conspicuous by stony outcroppings, and in its milieu lies the jocund coconut groves. The seafarers could identify this beach from its lighthouse that flashes its beams from the southernmost beach. The beach goes lively with its line of restaurants, curio shops, and ayurvedic spas to enrich your holidays.

Tourist Attractions in Kovalam

The Lighthouse

It is located on a hillock named Kurumkal which is very close to the sea. It stands lofty with a height of about 35 m and in an attire of red and white color and is beguiling from a long distance. Visitors are allowed and they can get a beautiful view of the beach and the sea around. The road around the lighthouse is perfect for cycling and walking.

Karamana River and Boating

A boating through the Karamana River is something which you cant miss the journey will unfold to you breathtaking views of the backwaters and the banks that pervade with green. There is Thiruvallam Boat Club, located on the riverbank, which offers cruises, canoe rides, kayaking and houseboat cruises.

Vellayani Lake

On traveling 7 km from Kovalam you could reach this backwater which is renowned for beauty during the moonlit nights. The lake is also famous for its annual boat race which happens during the Onam Festival.

Valiyathura Pier

Valiyathura Pier is located 10 km from Kovalam. From this Pier you could see the shoreline of the place up to Kovalam. Another port called Cheriyathura is also there which literally means small port. It offers beautiful Sunrise & Sunset views.

Kovalam Art Gallery

This art gallery offers to its visitors artifacts, paintings and artworks. The art lovers from Europe and western artists find this place very attractive and inspiring.


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