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Ayurveda / Yoga in India

India had a well developed science of medicine and surgery even thousands of years ago. This principles of general medicines are laid down is Ayurveda which deals with curing of various ailments through natural substances and herbs. Till now Ayurveda is very popular among Indians as there are no side affects of these medicines and the diseases are cured from their roots. Now a days various centers of Ayurveda are established in different parts of the country specially in South India where natural spices and herbs are available in plenty. Tourists can come and benefit from this stream of medicine to cure various diseases. Ayurveda also provides for various massages using oils and other natural substances for the rejuvenation of body and mind. Even if you do not have any diseases you can avail various massages and recharge yourself.

Yoga is a combination of various physical exercises and body purification methods to keep you fit and energetic throughout your life. There are various centers where you can learn this art of living.
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