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Buddhist Circuit in India

India has an honor of being the birth place of lord Buddha whose preachings are now followed by many big nations like China, Japan, Srilanka and entire South East Asia. Unfortunately Buddhism could not establish its stronghold over India and now there are only few places where we can explore the traces of this ancient religion. Thousands of visitors come to India every year to pay homage to Buddhist shrines where the relics of Lord Buddha are preserved in the form of Stupas. Some of the popular places in India where one can discover the Buddhist culture are Bodh Gaya, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh. There are many beautiful Buddhist monasteries where the monks live and carry on the original Buddhist culture founded thousands of years ago. La Alliance Travel helps you discover these Buddhist holy sites by organizing complete tour packages. Along with them you can also extend your trips to other important tourist destinations of India.