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La Visite de Tirupati Temple

India Travel Information

Right and adequate information about the place where you are planning to travel can help you a lot. You can benefit maximum by exploring the places of your choice, eat at exotic locations, select the right hotels for your stay, shop at markets where you can get best value for money etc. Also having proper information can save you from many inconveniences. Every country has different culture, clothing etc and it is advisable to have proper knowledge about that before arriving there.

La Alliance Travel offers you some important information that you must have if you are planning to travel to India. Besides the information provided if you have further doubts or need more information we are always at your disposal and you can contact us anytime.

Explore Attraction by Destination

Backwaters, Alleppey
Taj Mahal, Agra
City Palace, Jaipur

Fairs & Festivals of India

Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan
Holi, India
Hampi Festival, Karnataka

The fairs and festivals in India are a wonderful statement on the country's diversity and multi ethnic character. Over the years, India has not only emerged as a major economic power but also as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. If the ranking given by the celebrated Conde Nast Traveller magazine is anything to go by, India is indeed one of the must visit places on earth.


Best Time To Visit India

India is a vast country and there is large variation in the latitudes of its Northern and Southern most part. This causes big climatic differences in different parts of the country at any particular time. So we cannot define any best time to travel for whole of India and this depends on the destination you are travelling to. Please not that if you travel during the off season in any particular area you can save lot of money.


Travel Tips

If you have to get train or flight do start from your place well in advance. Sometimes it can take longer in the traffic. Do greet people by folding hand (Namaskar pose). Do exchange money only through authorized banks or money changers. Do dress modestly to respect the sentiments of the local population. When you visit temples please try to wear full pants and shirts with sleeves.