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History, culture and architecture of India

Travel theme “Culture & Heritage” is the most popular theme among the tourists as India has a rich cultural heritage with immense diversity. You can notice variation in the culture at every few hundred kilometers and there is a huge difference in the cultures of two different regions like North India and South India. Besides culture architecture of India attracts millions of tourists every year from different corners of the world. Most of the architectural monuments are still in their original shape without any renovations while others are carefully renovated to preserve their original glory of the ancient times. Travel with this theme can be planned in all parts of India. There are historical monuments like forts, palaces, temples etc in all parts of the country. Rajasthan is the most popular destination to discover the real Culture and Heritage of India. Here you will still find glimpses of the medieval rural culture and almost every village has an architectural heritage of the days of the feudal powers. Contact us with your travel details and we will propose you a travel itinerary to explore the rich culture and heritage of India.