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Forts & Palaces in India

India has a rich historical background where some of the great dynasties of the world have established their empires. During their reign they have constructed many buildings like forts, palaces and temples. The size of these buildings were associated with the strength of that ruler so most of the powerful rulers have tried to keep the size of their buildings as big as possible. We can find many of these forts and palaces in perfect shape and they are situated mainly in Rajasthan and some other places like Gwalior, Mysore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Agra. Most of our tour packages with the theme Forts and Palaces are planned to visit the state of Rajasthan where you can find many of them. Some of these royal palaces of the rulers of Rajasthan now offers luxury accommodations for the tourists and you can plan a stay in them during your travel. These historical forts are not merely a cluster of stones but there are number of stories of bravery and sacrifices associated with them and our guide will narrate you these tales when you visit them. To plan your forts and palaces tour contact our tour planner with your travel details.