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Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Fatehpur Sikri is a City in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, founded in 1569 by Mughal Emperor Akbar and served as the capital of Mughal Empire during 1571 to 1585. It took approximately 15 years in planning and construction of an array of Royal Palaces, harem, a mosque, private quarter and other buildings. Fatehpur Sikri is place where nine Jewels or Navratna of Akbar was born. All the buildings in Fatehpur Sikri were built with red sandstone.

Some of the important major buildings in the City are-

Buland Darwaza - it is 55 meter longs and constructed by Akbar to commemorate victory over Gujarat campaign. It carries two inscriptions in the archway, the central portico comprises three arched entrances, with the largest one, in the centre, is known locally as the Horseshoe Gate.

Jama Masjid - it is congregational mosque and first building in the complex, it has row of Chhatris over the sanctuary. It has a large dome and white marble inlay in geometric patterns.

Tomb of Salim Chrishti - it is white marble carved tomb of sufi saint Salim Chrishti. The single-storey structure is built around a central square chamber, within which is the grave of the saint, under an ornate wooden canopy encrusted with mother-of-pearl mosaic.

Diwaan-i- Aam - it is hall of public audience.

Diwan-i-khas - it is hall of private audience, and famous for its central pillar which has a square base and an octagonal shaft, both carved with bands of geometric and floral designs.

Ibadat Khana - it is house of worship and was constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar in1575.

Aunp Talao - is ornamental pool with a central platform and four bridges leading up to which is built by Raja Anup Singh Sikarwat.

Naubat Khana - it is Drum house.

Panch Mahal - it is five-storied palatial structure, with the tiers gradually diminishing in size, till the final one, which is a single large-domed chhatri.

Birbal’s house - it is house of Akbar’s favourite minister and it has horizontal sloping sunshades or chajjas and the brackets which support them.

Hiran Minar - it is a circular tower covered with stone projections in the form of elephant tusks.

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